Wednesday, March 10, 2010

10 Most Unique Wrist Watch Designs

There was a time when people used to get time information from their wrist watch but within last decade the sales of watches have been diminished greatly and the reasons for this slash is people prefer to check time on their mobile phones. To give boost to the sales of watches, the industry is coming up with unique and modern designs of wrist watches to attract people.
Here i have compiled some of the unique wrist watch designs. I hope you will like it.

1. URWERK 201

This URWERK 201 is specifically designed for sports car fans which show the time using three hands which rotates and point to the hour and telescope to point to the accurate minute. The interesting thing is only 10 being made and it will probably cost more then your house.

2. Ora Unica Watch

Ora Unica which means One Hour is a unique watch shows hour and minute on a single drawn two circular faces, which one ends points to hour and another points to minute.

3.  Rogue from Tokyoflash Watch

Rogue by Japanese Tokyo Flash having LCD screen and reading time is a bit difficult for newbie. The outermost dots shows exact minute, the next big blocks shows rough minute the inner ring blocks shows the hour. Here is its sketch image which makes it easy how to watch time.

4. Icon Watch

This retro style watch is the best for a geek fans and looks quite simple in this black and white color.

5. Oberon LED from Tokyoflash

This white LED display with black background, starfield looking Oberon LED watch is smooth looking watch. The outer ring tell you the hour, next inner ring shows single minute, and third inner ring shows minute in group of tens. [link]

6. F1 Carbon Watch

Another watch of sports car & F1 racing fans, made of carbon fiber, Swarovski crystal, rubber and metal. It shows time in digital style in red color which looks too stylish.

7. Pixel Watch

If you are a pixel art fan then this watch is for you, it looks like a hand jewelry piece and shows time in pixels on silver streamlined, available in 3 different colors ie. White, Brown & Gawdy Pink.

8. Gothic Wristwatch

This Rock star style watch is for all rock bands fans who want to show off their passion. Comprising Austrian crystal faux diamonds, which are placed in the middle of the dial.

9. iRiver S10

iRiver S10 has music player embedded with 256 color OLED screen with Bluetooth connectivity and MP3/MP4 player. Belt turns this device into a watch.

10. G108 Watch Phone

It was a concept earlier but a reality now. No need to bring mobile phone with you when you have this Watch plus Phone with you. This China made device having GSM connectivity, Bluetooth, 1.3 MP Camera, Memory Card Slot,  Media Player and USB with an external LED display which shows time.

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