Thursday, June 30, 2011

Levitation Photography: Stunning Examples & Tutorials

Many says floating in the air, or so called levitation is impossible. Well, in fact everything is possible, all you need to do is believe yourself, seriously, believe that you can achieve it! And uh, believe that the Photoshop can help you achieve it. Okay, I’m talking about achieving levitation with the help of cheat tool like Photoshop.
levitation example Levitation Photography: 65 Stunning Examples & Tutorials
(Image Source: Dejon)

Inspiring Artworks Tribute to Transformers The Movie

Back to the time when the Transformers movie was still in development, the design team was asked by director Michael Bay to produce some concept arts. They made some experiments which was later commented as old-school, thus they decided to bring a massive redesign to the Transformers, making them very, very cool robots.
transformers artworks Tribute to Transformers The Movie: 86 Inspiring Artworks
(Image Source: Alon Chou)
That’s how the brand new design of Transformers was formed, and undoubtedly the redesign is too successful that it brought in massive numbers of brand new fans (including me). That is not the end of the story, the team has actually redesigned those appeared Transformers throughout the sequel to make sure they are even more attractive, and of course, epic.
As usual in, we don’t prove you something with just words. To help you get the awesomeness of

Ideas for Designing Business Card

austin walsh photography Case Study: Designing Business Card that Rocks!Business cards are hard printed medium for spreading word about your business and what you do. These papers should truly stand the test of time and patience between those you offer services towards. Thus, their concepts should be fascinating and creative, stretching far from common people’s imagination.

Likewise we are not all gifted artists in this trade. Whether you’re freelancing alone or building a team business, cards will always influence your sales numbers. Consider some of the points I’ve raised below regarding modern card templates and how you can break out of the box. Such creativity isn’t as difficult as implied by artists and merely requires a bit of stretched thinking.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Top 10 Agro Tourism Destinations in Malaysia

10. Malaysia Agriculture Park , Selangor
By Area of ​​817 hectares, Malaysia Agriculture Park is located in Bukit Cerakah, Shah Alam is filled with various species of flora and fauna including hundreds of unique species of herbs. Visitors the opportunity to visit various parks such as Park and Tropical Fruits Spices Garden Hundred and Four Season Climate House.





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