Thursday, April 22, 2010

40 Photos of Lovable Babies Photography

Baby pictures are one the most fascinating pictures on earth. And I think they are the most photographed subject in the world. As with any photo, finding the right angle or choosing the right perspective will result in an amazing photo. Capturing adorable moments with that innocent smile requires luck and patience. Getting your baby to model or to smile for a photo shoot is easier said than done. Babies are quite unpredictable in their behaviors and motion blur distort your photos. Photographing babies in a colorful background or natural surrounding would be an ideal choice. Also, costumes make wonderful baby photos.

Asian Influence Newborn | Nelms Photographic Artistry

My Favorite Baby | YAYforPOPCORN

Baby Ian | Stacy PHOTOgraphy
Eco Baby |

Unique Baby Gift | Wallpaper S

Baby | SecondArt

Miracles | Karen Pfeiffer

Heads Up Kaleigh | Karenlynn Hunter

Big Brother, Little Sister | Bitsy Baby Photography [Rita]

Six Months | Carrie F.

Athens, Ga Baby | Andie Freeman

Flower baby | Anne Geddes

R2fullreg | PDXerin Erin Tole

Baby Ashton | Jovijovijovi

Baby on a Basket | Holger Urbanek

Blooming Flowers | Ane Geddes

Adopt a Baby |

Seven Months | Carrie F.

Baby Blues | Heidi Hope

Caitlyn V | Carl Hall

Bed Of Roses | Anne Geddes

Baby Levi – Newborn in hands | RebeccaVC1

Pineapple | Megvagy

Cute Dolls | M19

Baby in Arms | Paul.lloyd17

Girly girl | Heidi Hope

Baby-Like Flowers | M19

Friends | Platingham

Rubber Ducky | Sonia Mason

Wrapped Up | Heidi Hope

A Special Bed | M19

Athens, Ga Newborn | Andie Freeman

Cool Baby | Wallpaperseek

Sleepy When Wet | Amifobornot

Guitar Baby | Kvaga

Baby Mermaid | Lolosad

Look Up | M19

Baby Swim | Eythor

You gonna be a Star | Jane-art

Angels | Anne Geddes

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