Monday, November 21, 2011

Macro Photography with Mobile Phone [Tutorial+Pictures]

Macro with mobile phone [malaysia local moss]
 Much blogger has been written on the topic of Macro photography for those photographers fortunate enough to own a DSLR with macro lenses – but what about if you do not own a compact point and shoot camera? Can you get great macro shots too? here i will tell you how it done.

1. Get lens from your old DVD player or DVD drive

First thing is to get a lens for your camera phone. Make sure your old DVD player/drive is not connected to power. Then take the screws off. This is a great way to void your warranty. It is also dangerous and you should really never do this.
Anyhow, if you went against my advice, you'll find the lens under the place where the disk goes. Take it out.

2. Prepare A Lens Mount

Super Macro Your Cellphone Camera With A DVD Lens
Ok, I'm only kidding on this one. You don't really need a lens mount, you can use duct tape if you wanna go really ghetto or mount it on some cardboard.
If you opt for the cardboard option, just make a round hole in the cardboard.

3. Mount Your Lens

Super Macro Your Cellphone Camera With A DVD Lens
Just use some duct tape (as indicated before) to mount your lens directly, use or blue Tack to hold the card mount.

Sample photo by me [press Ctrl + right click to large picture]
"pumpkin leaf"

"prepare for leap of faith"

-turn of flash & use 'sport mode' for better result
-subject must not locate opposite with light source or it will be solarized.
-U r in unglamorous position when take shoot macro with mobile, avoid from being seen. XD





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