Thursday, December 24, 2009

50 Stunning HDR Photos

What is HDR?

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. In other words, HDR photos cover a large exposure range, allowing for deeper contrast in both shadows and highlights. HDR photos are striking to look at, but the effect can easily be overdone.

50 Stunning HDR Photos

Below are fifty stunning examples of HDR photos to inspire you to create your own. Some are “real” HDR, made from composites of multiple images. Others are faux HDR, created in Photoshop or GIMP. Can you tell the difference?
The Cow Whisperer
By caese
The Cow Whisperer
The stair of Carlos V
By caese
The stair of Carlos V
Casa Comalat – Barcelona
Casa Comalat - Barcelona
Creek Walk @ Changi Boardwalk : HDR
By Demarcus Romero

Dead Tree
By Subadei

Mist Lifting Off Cedars
By DJSchulte Oxherder Arts

Palacio REal, Nocturno
By R.Duran

G to the G – in HDR
By Jasen Miller

Bremen “Muhle am Wall” HDR
By Maschinenraum

Musee du Louvre – HDR, Museum, Paris
By Al lanni

HDR Landscape
By Paul Stevenson

Back to the Crazy HDR’s
By Footloosiety

Hatley Castle HDR
By Brandon Godfrey

Evergreen Plantation HDR
By Corey Ann

Monument Valley HDR 2
By Chris Isherwood

HDR Barn Door
By Hawleyjr

St. Aidan’s Church, Bamburgh (HDR)
By Left-hand

Victoria B.C Skyline from Mount Tolmie (HDR series)
By Brandon Godfrey

Go Ahead
By Ageel
go ahead
Let there be light
By Philipp Klinger
let there be light
Blooming Apple Tree HDR
By Tambako the Jaguar

HDR Kurdi Kurdistan
By Kurdistan 4 all

Hamburg – Speicherstadt – HDR
By Johannes Pape

Feneos Valley HDR
By Leonidas Tsementzis

By Sporadic

Crater Lake HDR 1
By ArtBrom

Sierra Juarez de Oaxaca (HDR)
By Phylevn

Lake Morning (HDR)
By Iowa_Spirit_Walker

Sagada Pond HDR Version
By Jonicdao

The Tower (HDR)
By Edbrambley

La Vista Dal Mio Giardino (HDR)
By Francesco Sgroi

Laveria Brassey – Abandoned mine
By Joep R
Joep R.
HDR Creek
By Peter Pearson

Tokyo International Forum
By Galactic.supermarket

Ala Moana Evening HDR
By Madmarv00

Broadhaven Sunset – HDR and Tone Mapped
By Pemb Dave

By Zero159

Lizard Point (HDR)
By Left-hand

Mountainboarding . HDR
By Cest

By Philipp Klinger
Houses of Parliament London
By Joep R
Houses of Parliament London
Looking out over the Thames
By Joep R
Looking out over the Thames
Red boat – Venice
Red boat - Venice
Time travel in color
By Kris Kros
time travel in color
Remains of the day
By Petervanallen
remains of the day ii
By caese
Stuck in India – Humayun’s Tomb
By Stuck in Customs
Stuck in India
Barcelona HDR
Barcelona HDR

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