Wednesday, February 17, 2010

World Most Beautiful Lighthouses

Here is the list of the most beautiful, amazing lighthouses. These are so beautiful that if you are watching them at night you could stay without a breath.
1. Enoshima Lighthouse, Japan
enoshima lighthouse
In 2003 the Enoshima lighthouse in Japan was renovated, the stunning results of which you can see in the photo above. The spiral staircase to the top is surrounded only by a steel frame which is lit in different colors that change throughout the night, making it pretty hard to ignore. it sits on Enoshima island, a tiny piece of land just off the coast of Japan.
2. Torre De Hercules, Spain
torre de hercules
The Torre De Hercules (tower of Hercules) is the only roman lighthouse still in use and holds the title of ‘oldest active lighthouse in the world’. It was built by the Romans in the 11th century and renovated in 1791 by a team led by engineer Eustaquio Giannini. The 185ft lighthouse still stands today and looks as sturdy as ever.
3. Madang Lighthouse, Papua New Guinea
madang lighthouse
 this still active lighthouse, also known as the coastwatchers monument, was built in 1959 as a memorial to the coastwatchers during the 2nd world war. apparently intended to resemble a giant torch, the four-finned base makes it look more like a rocket. either way, it’s an incredible look. as for the light itself, the ‘flame’ encased lamp at the top can produce an impressive 1,000,000 candlepower beam.
4. yokohama marine tower, japan
yokohama marine tower lighthouse
at a height of 348ft, the yokohama marine tower was, prior to its ‘temporary closure’, the tallest lighthouse in the world and could be seen by ships 20 miles away. built in 1958 as part of the 100th anniversary commemoration of the opening of the port of yokohama, the lighthouse immediately became a landmark, many people not realising it was actually a lighthouse due to it’s unconventional lattice tower design.
5. pigeon point lighthouse, u.s.
pigeon point lighthouse
pigeon point lighthouse is perched on the edge of a cliff in california and at 115ft is one of the tallest in the united states. each november the picturesque lighthouse is visited by photographers eager to capture the annual lighting of the lens, seen in the photo above, a spectacle which shows off an extremely powerful lens composed of 1008 hand-polished lenses and prisms which help in providing 500,000 candlepower illumination.
6. low lighthouse, u.k.
low lighthouse
at only 9 metres tall, the stunning ‘low lighthouse’ in burnham-on-sea is one of the smallest you’ll find. it was built in 1832 and is still used as a navigation tool, providing a white flash every 7.5 seconds from the window at the front in addition to a red, white or blue light, the colour differing depending on which direction it’s viewed from.





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