Sunday, June 13, 2010

Top 10 Poisonous Substances That Could Save Your Life

These poisonous substances are potentially dangerous but because they are added in medicines and pills, they can save our life.

1. Warfarin
Warfarin is basically used to kill rats and mice. However, it is also found in such medicines that are helpful in preventing the formation of large blood clots. This medicine is very popular in North America as it is not only effective but also gets rid of the problem much faster than any other pill.

2. Cone Snail Venom
Cone snails can either be very large or medium-sized, depending on where they are found. These snails are predatory and quite sophisticated, as far as snails go. The snail releases its venom which contains neurotoxins. If a human gets stung by this snail, he will be in pain for a long time but studies show that the venom should
                                        replace morphine in the coming years because not only is it an effective
                                        pain-reliever but it is not addictive at all.

3. Wolfsbane
Wolfsbane is a flower which releases a deadly poison called nabee, bikh or bish. However, when it is used in medication, it has the ability to slow down the pulse and calm those suffering from heart palpitations. Not only that, but it can also get rid of laryngitis, quinsy, cold and asthma within a short period of time.

4. Digitalis
Digitalis is a flower which contains certain steroidal glycosides and is also known as Dead Man’s Bells. The plant is so poisonous that if you happen to nibble at it, you will die almost instantly. The interesting part is that the plant is used to make medicines that help to control very fast heart rate and atrial fibrillation
5. Copperhead Venom
The Copperhead is a patient snake which will wait for hours and trick its prey into thinking that it is harmless. Usually, it stays away from humans but if they happen to step on them by mistake, they will not hesitate to inject their venom into them. The venom contains something called Contortrostatin which has the ability to stop the
                                     growth rate of cancer cells.

6. Hemlock
Hemlock is a plant which contains coniine whose chemical structure resembles that of nicotine. The poison, coniine, can destroy the functioning of the nervous system and is unbelievable toxic for humans and livestock. This well-known poison is commonly used as a sedative in many countries and has been used in the past to
                                        treat arthritis.

7. Deadly Nightshade
The Deadly Nightshade is a plant which contains a tropane alkaloid. This poisonous substance is used to treat those with very low heart rate and hyperhidrosis.

8. Yellow Scorpion Venom
The venom extracted from the yellow scorpion which is native to Israel can be used to stop the growth rate of cancerous cells as well. The protein in the venom attaches itself to certain cells and allows the radioactive solution to do its job.

9. Chilean Rose Tarantula Venom
The protein found in the venom of the Chilean rose tarantula can be used to reduce the death rate caused by hear attacks. It is able to enter some channels in the body and block out those ions that lead to the disruption of the flow of electric signals.

10. Ergot
Ergot is a fungus which targets a grain called rye and if ingested by human, it can lead to hallucinations and fatal convulsions. In addition to that, it can also render the limbs useless and lead to epileptic seizures. However, controlled fractions of ergot can be used to stop bleeding after childbirth as
well as for successful abortions.

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